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All In Renovation Project
First Presbyterian Church 1793


The present building occupied by The First Presbyterian Church 1793 was built in 1868.

The church has served an important part of the history of Washington, PA and the surrounding area.

Over the years, our church has been used for many community events, meetings, and outreach ministries in addition to a place of worship for the members of the congregation.

The last major renovation of the building took place in 1949. That was almost 70 years ago. During those seven decades, sections of the building have shown their age and action has to be taken to prevent permanent damage. Some items have to be addressed because of safety concerns, changes in building codes, and changes in the function of the building. An important consideration is having sections of the building accessible to physically challenged members and visitors.

It was evident that something should be done.

Before beginning this project, it was decided to take the time necessary to study the problems, identify desired goals, and plan the best way to accomplish identified objectives with the resources available.

The planning stage began with meetings and gathering information:

  • Talk with existing members, staff, and community to find out what programs are offered and how well the present building is meeting the church’s needs and goals
    • Long Range Planning, Worship, Property, Christian Education, Music, Audio Visual, Kitchen, Youth, Pastor and Staff
  • Review the existing facilities
    • Visual survey, existing documentation, field measurements
  • Review with the contractors and maintenance personnel who have worked on the building to determine the existing systems and new systems
    • Electrical, mechanical, plumbing, roofing, structural engineering
  • Review building Codes
    • Zoning, Accessibility, Life Safety, 2009 International Building Code
  • Evaluation of the existing physical conditions
    • Based on an ongoing list of physical improvements, additional improvements identified in this study

Hard decisions had to be made as to what projects could be undertaken with the financial resources available at the present time. Some worthwhile projects have been placed on the “Wish List” as things which will not be done in this phase of the renovation, but which may be done at a later date when additional funding becomes available

This webpage will serve as an information center where up-to-date information about the renovation project will be accessible. The webpage will be updated as information becomes available so that members of the congregation will be able to check the progress of various aspects of the renovation

When updates become available on the website, church members will be notified by email and announcements in the church bulletin and monthly newsletter so that they can keep current on the latest developments.

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