Questions About the Renovation Project

Questions About the Renovation Project

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How often will information on the website be updated?

We plan on updating the website as soon as new information becomes available.  We know that members will be interested in the progress of the renovation project and don't want to wait until the monthly newsletter is published each month. 

Are the final plans for the renovation completed?

The architect, contractor, and church renovation committee continue to work on the plans.  We received a revised version of the plans on March 7, 2018.  If any of the plans change, the new information will be available on the Church Renovation section of the church's website. 

It seems like the renovation project has taken a long time.

Planning for the renovation project did begin in 2011 when architect Ralph Alster was hired to guide the development of a master facility plan. After a series of meetings with many church members, church elders and deacons were held, extensive drawings, project phase options, and projected costs were produced.  Unfortnartely Mr. Alster became ill and eventually died.  We searched for another company to continue the project.  Margittai Architects of Pittsburgh was hired in 2017.  They have had experience in renovating historical buildings in the area.  They reviewed the previous renovation plans and came up with revised plans which will accomplish our goals and also save some money.


What is the problem with the large sections of peeling paint on the Sanctuary ceiling?  With renovation being months away, why isn't that problem being fixed?

The peeling ceiling paint is a case of 19th Century plaster vs. modern paint-- and the 19th Century plaster is winning.  The original plaster contains more lime than modern plaster which reacts badly with modern paint.  Fixing the problem is more complicated than just scraping the loose paint off and spot painting that section of the ceiling.  We had a painting contractor give us a bid of $4,200 to fix the ceiling problem now. We decided save that money and live with the problem until the entire Sanctuary is renovated and take care of the problem once and for all when the entire Sanctuary will be repainted.


Financial Questions

I have heard that there will probably be a shortfall in the amount of money needed for the renovation project.  What will happen to the different parts of the project if not enough money is available?

As the plans for the renovation have progressed, there has been discussion about the finances which will be available and how costs can be saved.  Since we are nearing the groundbreaking date, the committee has been consulting with the architects and the contractor to get the cost figures to more closely match the resource figures.

I had made a pledge during the original All In Campaign, but my financial situation has changed for the worst. What should I do?

We realize that financial situations change.  If you find that you cannot continue to make payments on your pledge, please let us know so that we can adjust our anticipated budget numbers.  If you want to extend the time period for completing your pledge payments, let us know so that we can make note of your extension request. 

My pledge contribution will be paid up soon.  Can I continue to make additional contributions as I can afford it or do I have to make another formal pledge commitment?

You are welcome to notify the church if you want to increase your pledge commitment.  However, you are also welcome to make additional contributions as you are able.  If you are writing a check, make sure that you write Building Fund on the memo line so that the money can be credited to the correct account.  Otherwise, it will be put into the general church fund.

What is the deadline for paying my pledge?

The original schedule for paying off the pledges was three years.  The end of the original pledge period is March 2019. 

How can I receive a statement of my pledge contributions that I have made so far? I lost track of how much I have already paid.

Your pledge contributions should be recorded on your quarterly report and end-of-year contribution statement.
If you cannot locate previous end-of-year statements, contact the Financial Secretary by email

Make sure that you put Pledge Statement on the Subject line of the email.




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