Ren News-5-1-18

Renovation News as of May 1, 2018

Renovation Team
March 7, 2018 Meeting

  • Rob Zolle, from Margittai Architects reported that architects are 50% complete with detailed construction drawings.
  • Rob shared new money saving ideas from the Margittai team and answered questions about fine tuning and enhancing our redesign.
  • Members of the Fundraising team recently met with W&J president Dr. John Knapp and Denny McMaster, Chief Financial Officer for the college.

President Knapp and Mr. McMaster toured our building and grounds before a productive conversation in our church parlor to share our plans and seek their cooperation and support.

  • The Renovation Team established a sub-committee, termed the Fundraising Team.
    Bill Campbell, Scott Koskoski, David Leslie, Scott Leslie, Brad Smith, and Steve Smith compose the team.

The Fundraising Team has been working on the task of inviting organizations and individuals beyond our church family to consider the possibility of contributing to our "All In" campaign. While there is still much to do, the team has made real progress.

  • Massaro, our general contracting firm, is working on financial estimates that will be ready soon.
  • A surveyor has competed work that will be essential to our civil engineers.
  • Washington City Council

Two of our architects along with David Leslie, Fred Pozzuto, Steve Smith, and Pete Cameron attended an agenda planning meeting of the Washington City Council. Our architects have been in ongoing communication with city planning and permitting committees and personnel.

Approval from Washington City Council is necessary before we can schedule the ground breaking date

April 4, 2018 Meeting

  • A group from the Renovation Team met to look at renovation options relative to present financial resources.
  • More work will be done on the subject as this part of the planning phase progresses.

April 19, 2018

Progress proceeds on numerous issues.

  • Preliminary architectural documents are now available for Massaro (our general contracting firm) to offer the first preliminary cost estimates.
    • Their presentation to the renovation team can hopefully occur early in May.
    • At that meeting we can begin the process of aligning costs with resources in hand, depending upon the cost menu our contractor gives us.
  • Our civil engineer plans to have sufficient drawings by May 15 to have a presentation prepared for the municipal planning commission.
  • Ground core samples have been obtained. They will determine the design of the parking lot, curb cut and water control measurements.


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