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An Invitation to Worship This Week
February 16, 2024

God’s covenant with Noah and his descendants was also a covenant with every living creature.  Noah and his family are saved because of their obedience as everyone else turned from God.  The rainbow is a symbol of that ongoing covenantal promise.  Alongside people in Noah’s time who surrendered to temptation and turned from God, is Mark’s account of the baptism of Jesus and his subsequent temptation in the wilderness with Satan.

Jesus was driven into the wilderness for forty days.  He was with the wild beasts in the wilderness and angels waited on him.

Surviving wilderness times is not easy, especially when it feels like we are surrounded by wild beasts.  The wild things that block our pathways and disrupt our lives can hurt us, knock us down and even kill us.  Yet the same Spirit that drove Jesus into the wilderness also provides the assistance of angels who tend to us along life’s way.  When were some wilderness times in your life?  Did you feel frightened and alone? Were there angels who waited on you and who were they?  What comfort and resources were provided to give you courage and strength?

We hope you’ll join us for Worship at 10:30 a.m.. 

Please enjoy this preview of Worship at First Presbyterian Church 1793.

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New Members’ Inquiry Meeting
Sunday, March 10 after Worship
In Fellowship Hall

There will be a New Members’ Inquiry Meeting for anyone interested in more information about the mission and ministry of First Presbyterian Church 1793.  The meeting is for those interested in membership, but there is no obligation to join the church.

A light lunch will be served

Fellowship Hall is handicap accessible by elevator

To register, please call the church office


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A Fully Inclusive Church
Welcomes Everyone

The First Presbyterian Church accepts all persons seeking to follow the Lord Jesus Christ and claim Him as Lord and Savior. We welcome you to join us for worship here on Sunday mornings. We are a fully inclusive church that welcomes everyone, so we invite you to be authentic.

All members of this church who believe themselves called by God and the congregation shall be considered for leadership in the church and if elected by the congregation shall be ordained into the church service.

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