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An Invitation to Worship This Week
June 16, 2024
10:30 a.m.

The Gospel of Mark offers two parables of Jesus that catch us off guard.  While much of Mark’s content is included in Matthew and Luke, today’s passage offers a parable that is unique to Mark.  A surprising seed is planted and then sprouts and grows secretly and mysteriously unknown to the planter.  The parable is about the kingdom/realm/reign of God that emerges, blossoms, and thrives without human effort.  Many times, we don’t see, recognize, or acknowledge God’s activity.  It’s probably a very good thing that we aren’t responsible for bringing about God’s just and peace-filled realm on earth.  But when do we notice the positive mysterious activity of God?  How and when do we get with God’s program of being part of God’s plan to help the world to be a better, brighter place for planet earth and all of its inhabitants?

Please enjoy this preview of Worship at First Presbyterian Church 1793.

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All members of this church who believe themselves called by God and the congregation shall be considered for leadership in the church and if elected by the congregation shall be ordained into the church service.

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