Bake Off 2024

Palm Sunday
March 24 after Worship

Categories:  Cakes, Pies, Cookies, Other, Gluten-free, Store-bought main ingredients (cookies, cereal, etc.)

That’s right. . .it’s back!

Teens from FPC are hungry to organize, taste, and judge your prized
baked goods!

All proceeds will benefit One Great Hour of
Sharing, which focuses on hunger initiatives and disaster relief
through the PC(USA).

If you’d like to join the bake-off competition, please respond to the
Sign Up Genius  

Click Here

or return the form to the church office via mail or offering plate.
First Presbyterian Church 1793,  100 East Wheeling Street,  Washington, PA  15301

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Our congregation will be hungry to taste the fruits and grains of your labor on March 24th .

Rather than an auction, the congregation will vote for the tastiest desserts by placing
dollars in the basket near each entry.

The Sunday School classes will have placed blue ribbons on their favorites during Sunday School.

(Goodies will be cut in half or quarters by the teens to give many people an opportunity to taste a variety of sweets.)

$1 bills will be available to make change for voting.
We hope everyone will join us for a sweet afternoon.